vendredi 15 février 2013

French A400M update (photos)

MSN007 (the first French A400M) should be delivered at the end of the 2nd quarter, said Airbus Military, in its Seville plant. This aircraft was to start engine tests this afternoon. It will then begin the typical delivery flight test program before starting the formal delivery process, by the end of april. Only three flight tests should be necessary. The formal delivery could occur by the end of may, or the beginning of june, just before the Bourget Airshow.
MSN007 (left) will be able to operate with a 32-t payload, according to Cedric Gautier, A400 program manager. Three aircraft must be delivered to the French Air Force before the end of the year, and one to the Turkish Air Force. Then, 10 aircrafts have to be produced next year.
MSN010 (3rd French A400M) has just left STA40, where the wing and the fuselage are joined.
MSN010 left STA40 this morning without its engines. The latter are integrated in the ultimate step of the industrial process.
MSN008 is to be delivered on the 3rd quarter. Airbus Military is now proceeding to ground tests.

(these photos cannot be reproduced without authorisation. All these photos were taken in Seville, Spain, this day, February, 15th, 2013 by Jean-Marc Tanguy)